by Gisgs on August 28th, 2013

Depression has become a world wide phenomenon these days with more and more post depression suicide attempts almost everyday. People have started sitting up and taking notice of this disorder and there is a need for proper information about the early signs as well as symptoms associated with depression. Understanding depression and its various types of manifestations is the crucial first step in combating this evil. This is a perfect guide to the basics of depression and its types and ways to detect them and how to fight depression.
Depression is very different from the sadness associated with the ups and downs associated with the daily struggles of life. Depression is a more severe sense of hopelessness, impending doom and a feeling of dire worthlessness. It is a rollercoaster of negative thoughts and a sense of feeling that the life no more has any meaning and purpose. It’s different from general sadness since sadness is just a mood while depression affects our daily activities significantly and shows reduced functional output in individuals. People are not able to interact socially or have fun in things and hobbies which were originally a part of their lives. Depression can be detected through depression tests. If you ask Am I Depressed all the time then you need to get one done as soon as possible.
Depression symptoms depend on various factors such as gender, age, stage of depression and many others. Yet the basic symptoms include increased sleeping or an equally probable chance that you cannot fall asleep. You keep feeling hopeless or worthless and find it difficult to concentrate and carry out the day to day activities. The eating disorders are noticed combined with increased chances of substance abuse such a excessive drinking or chain smoking or even drug abuse in sever cases of depression and particularly with teens. The depression may be present all the time or the symptoms may come out after a phase of normal mood and can be interspersed thereby disguising it as bad mood. It takes a great deal of observing and noticing to know if there is a case of depression that needs medical counseling. People become irritable with vicious mood swings and agitated outbursts and often the negativity is so deeply ingrained in the mind that they want to discard this present life. Any obsession with death or giving away possession should be brought to the notice of a specialist immediate as it is the most persuading evidence of increased suicide risk. People should understand depression to deal with it.

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